Firsthand Journals are unique tools for helping students to develop their analytical skills. They provide a simple framework for recording observations, formulating questions for further investigation, and for pursuing those questions.

All Firsthand Journals contain instructions for the user and an exhibit of the drawing and writing in an actual data entry.

A Firsthand Journal guides the user through organized learning steps of observing, drawing, and writing. The process is repeated multiple times in a Firsthand Journal; structured by the recording of the subject, location, date, page numbers, and Table of Contents. Repeating the procedure with different objects, allows the journal user a sense of autonomy while reinforcing a structured approach to investigating the world of firsthand experience.

At the same time, a Firsthand Journal creates a record of development for the student, the teacher, and the student’s family. Most important, a Firsthand Journal becomes the student’s own creation. The weight of the paper, the structure of the journal, the color, all add to the student’s own work to create a proud keepsake.

The Firsthand Journals are 8.5″x11″ notebooks with thirteen sets of data pages. Each data set contains writing [lined] and drawing [gridded] pages, and is sufficient for one lesson.

Unlike conventional journals, that merely record information, Firsthand Journals encourage in-depth investigation, and give the student a written record of the path of inquiry that he or she has taken to achieve deeper understanding. The thought processes that Firsthand Journals stimulate are a voyage of self-discovery in learning how to think analytically.